FTTx Broadband

ComSys offers the next generation of the fiber-optic network solution. This solution lets our customers quickly download as well as send data.

Why FTTx Broadband?

Internet is changing at a fast pace. There is a strong need to catch up with the demanding needs of the modern internet users. Therefore, FTTx Broadband helps significantly improve the speeds and does not slow down due to connectivity with multiple devices.

How ComSys Assists with FTTx Broadband?

At ComSys we understand the technological challenges in implementing new, innovative, and cutting-edge broadband solutions. Therefore, we help our customers in Pakistan get FTTx Broadband by connecting the cable to a cabinet. It is a very customer-friendly solution using the Fiber Modem. Therefore, the use of FTTx Broadband in Pakistan lets customers take care of all their internet needs including Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Similarly, they can enjoy seamless connectivity for the internet calls with superior voice quality.

Benefits of FTTx Broadband

FTTx broadband is the next step in the next-gen network architecture. It adequately helps overcome the reliability issues by connecting homes with the cabinet located nearby.

FTTx Broadband Benefits

  • It lowers the cost of hi-tech solutions delivered to the end customers to their doorsteps.
  • It is also more convenient and useful for the end customers to utilize such solutions.
  • Also, besides reduction in the overall cost, this technology improves the speed at which companies can add more infrastructure to expand their user base.

FTTx Broadband in Pakistan is fast becoming possible, thanks to the improvement in technology and deployment techniques. ComSys is at the forefront of implementation of this broadband technology for its customers. We understand what the internet holds for our country’s economic prosperity. Therefore, we aim to help more of our customers successfully implement FTTx Broadband in Pakistan.

When you get FTTx Broadband services from ComSys, here are some of the benefits that our company would offer

  • An operator-oriented design would ensure efficiency and ease of troubleshooting of any potential problems.
  • Our solution would help our customers enjoy up to 10G Ethernet for delivering ultimate network experience.
  • The FTTx broadband services offered by ComSys would ease in carrying out critical internet relating functions like VLAN, QoS, and IGMP Snooping.