Security & Surveillance

The security situation is improving in Pakistan, thanks to the efforts of various stakeholders. However, the security paradigm is still not totally in the favor of businesses and ordinary citizens. We need to be prudent about the perceived threats and accordingly prepare ourselves to deal with them.

In such a kind of security scenario, you cannot leave your security and surveillance in Pakistan to chance. Therefore, you need the services of a company that can adequately take care of your requirements.

How can ComSys help in security & surveillance in Pakistan?

The cameras, DVRs, and other equipment used in security and surveillance is only part of the apparatus. However, there is a strong need to have a highly reliable network infrastructure to support that equipment. We often hear in news security equipment in different parts of Pakistan failing at critical juncture in time. Therefore, before you go deep into the selection phase of the equipment, you have to make sure that it is supported by a strong backbone of network infrastructure. It is where ComSys can greatly help you evaluate the network infrastructure requirements and accordingly provide you with highly cost effective broadband solutions.

The reliability and efficiency of your network infrastructure will determine the efficacy of the security and surveillance solution you deploy for your home or business.

The use of cutting technological tools

We understand the way technology is changing the expectations of our valued customers. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for the most advanced security & surveillance systems in Pakistan to provide to our customers. Let ComSys help you get highly accurate, reliable, and effective security & surveillance solutions in Pakistan. Our team of security & surveillance experts in Pakistan would help you throughout the deployment of these solutions from start to finish. ComSys will help you deploy security & surveillance solutions in Pakistan to offer you and your loved ones complete safety and security.

Access Controls

The access control solutions need to be secure and up to date. ComSys understands the changing needs of businesses and homeowners to have highly secure yet reliable access control solutions. It means ensuring greater security without having the need to pay high maintenance costs.

Our access control solutions in Pakistan are aimed to facilitate our valued customers. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to integrate technologically advanced solutions to fulfill your requirements. These innovative access control solutions aim to provide positive and seamless experience to our customers, exhibiting professional excellence. We can provide customized access control solutions requiring additional verification and authorization.

Here are some of the access control solutions that we offer to our clientele.

  • Electromagnetic locks and electrical strikes
  • Electronic door locks
  • Digital keypad
  • Proximity Access Control not requiring Data Log
  • Online Versatile Control not requiring Data Log
  • Advanced Fingerprint Access Control using RFID
  • Fingerprint and Biometric Access Control Systems